New London Hospital

Since 2008, Sullivan Creative has been working with New London Hospital (NLH), a primary care, community hospital that serves residents in the Lake Sunapee region in central New Hampshire. When we first started working with NLH, they were in the midst of a capital campaign to expand and renovate the hospital, and we met with the hospital’s marketing team, reviewed other hospital advertising, and created and tested concepts for a new ad campaign to promote NLH as a valued community resource. We established a comprehensive media plan, negotiated ad sizes and placements in community newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, and continue to manage and refine this plan for NLH. Since that time, we have worked with NLH to further evolve the ad campaign to highlight the hospital’s focus on community wellness through ads that feature teams of medical specialists.


We created a new website for NLH that provides detailed information about the hospital’s offerings, medical staff, events, and ways to support. We developed a new look for the Friends newsletter, transforming it into a quarterly magazine with a compelling cover image. We provide copywriting, editing, design, and production management for newsletter.